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List what you think are the Top 5 most overrated/underrated Amiga games. The point of this thread is not only to vent your hatred of popular games that suck, but to help others (..especially me) find great games that are not popular.

Most Overrated (in order)

1. Superfrog

Why, why, why? This always felt like a childish game written in AMOS. Gameplay is poor and graphics are flat. I just don't see why this is popular. Zool 2 blows this game away.
1. at first i had the same feeling about this game...but once you've been through the first levels, you get totally addicted to the fantastic gameplay. about the "flat" graphics of Team 17 games, i totally disagree with you...i think they're quite simple but really well finished, giving the kind of atmosphere you could have on any console game at the time and prooving amiga was able to compete when developers/artists gave it a chance.

2. Battle Squadron

This is chunky unplayable crap compared to its predecessor Hybris (written by the same authors).
you must be joking !!! hybris was fine, i agree but battle squadron was a significant improvement : graphics, animation, music, weapons, gameplay....


Maybe I didn't spend enough time checking this game out, but what exactly is great about it? Maybe if you're into soccer management. Speedball 2 is the best Amiga sports game.
i don't think you could honestly compare these two games. Speedball 2 is a great futuristic game : well designed, well thought, great to play and so fun...the whole atmosphere is exciting. i would say SWOS is a more technical game, the time you spent to learn the differents moves, shoots, really makes the difference...and the fun to enjoy tournaments or championships with friends at home !!

4. Leander

I can't remember, but I know I hated this game so much I deleted it.
i may agree on this one....i never played more than 30's nice, well done but nothing really exciting. but is it really overrated, i can't remember any warm acclaim by the critics or gamers.

5. Alien Breed

Repetitive gameplay with typically flat Team 17 graphics. I tried to like this game, but no.
do you have personal issues with these poor team 17 guys ? i think alien breed was really one of the most exciting games i ever played. so much better than all the 3D doom clones in terms of interest and fun.

Most Underrated (no particular order)

Faery Tale Adventure

Sure, the graphics are a little primitive, but in 1986 it was unbelievable. The game is huge, but not too complicated to play. There is freedom of movement and you can explore forever.
i totally agree...i love the atmosphere of this game... but i remember it had the gamers favor at the time (even if press missed this one)

Zeewolf (1 and 2)

Great game with lots of re-playability (is that a word?). Blow stuff up, rescue guys, drive boats, fly jets and more.
i never really played this one, so i don't know.


I consider this the best Amiga platform game. Great graphics AND great playability. (maybe it's not so underrated now)
this game is pure pleasure you're right but i remember good acclaim by both the critics and the gamers.


Very Beast-like, but with better gameplay. This is the game Beast II should have been.
maybe ....even if i'm not a big fan of these games.

Prime Mover

Motorcycle racing game I never hear mentioned anywhere. This game is just as good as the much hyped Lotus II.
i can't remember anything about this one.....

so my proposal :

overrated :

1. Shadow of the Beast
2. Street Fighter 2
3. Barbarian (psygnosis)
4. Unreal
5. Agony

underrated (for the fun i had and the time i spent on them with friends)

1. Ports of Call
2. Sky Chase
3. Twintris
4. Gravity Force 2
5. Grand Monster Slam

waiting for your comments and your advices....
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