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Your Top 5 Most Overrated/Underrated Games

Top 5 Most Overrated/Underrated Games Ever

List what you think are the Top 5 most overrated/underrated Amiga games. The point of this thread is not only to vent your hatred of popular games that suck, but to help others (..especially me) find great games that are not popular.

Most Overrated (in order)

1. Superfrog

Why, why, why? This always felt like a childish game written in AMOS. Gameplay is poor and graphics are flat. I just don't see why this is popular. Zool 2 blows this game away.

2. Battle Squadron

This is chunky unplayable crap compared to its predecessor Hybris (written by the same authors).


Maybe I didn't spend enough time checking this game out, but what exactly is great about it? Maybe if you're into soccer management. Speedball 2 is the best Amiga sports game.

4. Leander

I can't remember, but I know I hated this game so much I deleted it.

5. Alien Breed

Repetitive gameplay with typically flat Team 17 graphics. I tried to like this game, but no.

Most Underrated (no particular order)

Faery Tale Adventure

Sure, the graphics are a little primitive, but in 1986 it was unbelievable. The game is huge, but not too complicated to play. There is freedom of movement and you can explore forever.

Zeewolf (1 and 2)

Great game with lots of re-playability (is that a word?). Blow stuff up, rescue guys, drive boats, fly jets and more.


I consider this the best Amiga platform game. Great graphics AND great playability. (maybe it's not so underrated now)


Very Beast-like, but with better gameplay. This is the game Beast II should have been.

Prime Mover

Motorcycle racing game I never hear mentioned anywhere. This game is just as good as the much hyped Lotus II.
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