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Originally Posted by alexh
I did start to do some work on tools to make "home made" REAL KS3.5 ROM images for burning into EPROMs.
What would you call REAL KS3.5 ROMS ? KS3.1 with the Patches from OS3.5/3.9 applied?
Afaik some Kick Versions only have a couple 100`s of Bytes free and the newer libraries are generally bigger, so that would be quite challenging.
You should try out Blizkick, it has a tool which operates into a file instead of patching the kickstart, that way you should be able to apply alot Patches rather easy (but OS3.9 RomUpdate WONT fit into a plain 512 KB File for sure, I already tried).

Originally Posted by alexh
I wanted to be able to "list" the files on ROM images and the versions of the files.

They have hardcoded addresses in them so you cannot swap in / out if the newer files are bigger than the original ones.

It should be possible to change these addresses if you know where they are, especially as the tools for flash boards such as the KickFlash or the Elbox equivalent probably do something similar?
I dint really look into it, but once you know which Adresses to change, you of course can add/replace anything you want. Figuring out what you need to do is obviously the hard part.
The Package util/boot/skick345.lha contains fixes to make the kickstart relocateable.. I cant imagine how else WHDLoad would be able to use KickRoms directly. Should be describing exactly what you need to patch.

Kickflash simply replaces the whole ROM 1:1 from a existing file, so its nothing similar. No problems since they dont hack existing kickstarts ?

Anyway this is getting abit offtopic
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