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Hi, again!
@kombat santa:

Nope, it doesn't work here, also


No idea, what's wrong with Raiden... ? Sorry!
PrimalRage probably doesn't work...
Gemini Wing : I'll check this
P-47 : this one too!

THX, again for new suggestions! This makes it a little bit easier for me to
find 50 more games!
(AS already said before I do not have a real CD32 anymore, and I'm still
not sure about buying a new one:
I'll test all games on both e-uae and winuaex and hope there are not more
than 5 games in total, which do not work on a real cd32...
If I find enough I'll include some more than 444 games, so there will hopefully
at least 444 games working on the real one...


Are you the Batteman from the MorphZone?
Cool to see some peggers around here

I tried Slamtilt VERY often in many different variations, but gave up hope....
>Teenage Queen : I'll check this...
I'll try your "freeware" game, and yes, I have several others already included
(there are very nice ones, and I'm afraid I won't find 444 without PDs....
>adventure games : Gary already did a very good job with this on his
CD32-200! There are probably no other ones which do work, too...
But if I have 440 games and can't any other one, I'll look what I can do...

>PS: I even have the CD32-444 included in my OF, so it boots directly into my cd
if I want
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