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On Amiga I got none, used to play sensi for years with an old school mate - this dude always motherf****n´ beat me while we were makin´ bad jokes about our moms. Concerning Gameplay we were quite equal, but he was better in trash-talk so he used to be the winner..

Sad but true he had a nervous breakdown 2 years ago and therefor cannot play "stressy" games like s.w.o.s. anymore because this really makes him feel dizzy.

This was my last "real" amiga mate but the good thing is that he let me "take care" of his old a1200 ...oh and his cousin´s as well (a former dynablaster fanatic)...

however, in my dining room there stands a big wooden table with a c64 and an a1200 in the corner - whenever friends and me chill at my place before going out at night i try to get them hooked on retrogaming and most of the time we end up playing c64 classics, like the epyx multi-events, 10th frame, skate or die etc. - got one friend hooked on dynablaster and north and south, but none still owns his amiga.

the only really crazy retro person i know is a guy called bugjam, a graphician in a c64 demo group called "move" (if i remember right??!) - he has a huuuuge c64 collection, so big that he really wants to build a little museum in the back of his house. he has a hd connected to his c64 and even goes to the internet with it. Big up to him for keeping my hardware working!
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