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Originally Posted by Melroc
So my question is:
Is WinUAE fully freeware so that anyone can make a compilation by himself for making money? And what about the Kickrom? There has to be at least the 1.3 Rom. Did Toni get any money for it? (...In case it is WinUAE on this CD...)
No, it's not freeware, it's GPL'ed. In essence that means it's free (as in freedom), but you're not 100% free to do whatever you please with it.

- you can sell it, Toni doesn't get a dime, nor does the original UAE team
- you are entitled to the source
- if you modify the source and distribute your own modified version, you must also give the source with your modified version, and the GPL license sticks to your version too.

Read more about the GPL at

Oh, please don't mistake me for an open source fanatic.. I'm typing this on a Windows machine and I'm not hating every minute of it. I just like to call things with their real names, that's all. :-)
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