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Originally Posted by Akira
Since when making a suggestion is FORCING MY OWN BELIEFES AND AGENDA into someone else??!? The shit has really hit the fan in this board with the agression level, measure your words first and try to read properly my message before posting.
Your "suggestion" is based on false information for starters and therefore can be considered trolling. AInc made nada out of OS 3.9 for the very reasons that IFW has stated. AInc is no more. KMOS is probably AInc under a different guise, but they will not be entitled under law to get royalties from licenses they granted to companies as AInc. H&P were no AInc supporter despite developing 3.5/ was simply business, which is what modern computing is all about these days unfortunately.

As for aggression levels, I suggest you look at yourself first and start measuring your responses to users. Have you asked yourself why you are being attacked left, right and centre? It hasn't always been that way has it? Do I normally attack people in the public forums here? Surely all those who have taken issue with you recently (including me and even one or two mods) can't be chronic troublemakers? If we were, RCK would have banned us all long ago and would have quite a few less users on the list. You need to think before you respond and bear in mind that you're a supermod and there are expectations and responsibilities that come with that over and above that of an ordinary member (or mod) here.

Originally Posted by Akira
And FYI, since you also seem to like taking conclusions out of your rear end, I DID keep up with the Amiga past Commodore.
You don't even know who's responsible for OS 4 development let alone whether AInc will make any money out of it. Your comments in the Pegasos thread a little while back were also further proof that you haven't kept up. I could cite a few more examples as well. Pretending you have kept up just makes you look silly in the eyes of those who have and confuses people who are trying to get a handle on what really has happened.

Flame away if you like, but I won't be responding. I simply don't have the time or the motivation to do so. Nuff said.

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