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Actually HP screwed ainc, by not paying their royalties due.
Vesalia bought its units from H&P.
1, if vesalia paid H&P in advance for the units - a very unwise deicision for any goods in any business... - you are getting their money back. Highly unlikely and stupid.
2, if vesalia got it from h&p and only pays after units sold - the norn - then you don't hurt vesalia at all by not buying the disk, you hurt H&p instead

Since H&p refused to pay ainc royalties, no matter what you do Ainc gets nothing
Also since all os rights have been transferred in a shell game to yet another company called kmos - when ainc got sued for the rights so even if genesi was about to win they would get nothing of their interest - h&p should pay kmos, however... chances are their contract is nullified with the asset stripping anyway - there is no one to pay legally. The money is pretty much in a legal limbo.

So if you want to give a monetary contribution to vesalia, go for it might as well use paypal or whatever form of contribution no need to buy anything, if not you don't hurt them either regarding this.

Now it's high time to close this thread
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