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Originally Posted by Akira
Sorry, this is not waht I said. I said I don't support it as to not feed those who have fucked up the Amiga and their userbase.
The OS 3.9 boxes at Vesalia have been paid already, they're owned by Vesalia. You don't support anyybody except Vesalia when buying a copy from them. Period.

And btw., there's a difference between "not supporting somebody" and "actively trying to damage somebody".

And FYI, since you also seem to like taking conclusions out of your rear end, I DID keep up with the Amiga past Commodore.
Doesn't seem so - otherwise you would know that 3.9 was done (and distributed) by Haage&Partner, who refuse to pay royalties to Amiga Inc.

You could buy a thousand copies of OS3.9 and AInc. wouldn't see a single penny.
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