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Originally Posted by Akira
How about the internet, with a price of 0 quid? :P

Don't spend your cash in this. Don't feed Amiga Inc. or any Amiga Inc. supported project, their shitty atitude towards the real Amiga user is ure tosh.

This is my recommendation, do as you want.
MethodGit didn't ask if he should buy it or not......he asked where he could get it at a decent price. Your response is about you trying to force your own beliefs and agenda on others here and not about helping the original poster. Sorry, but this is the type of crap we see on ANN that is based on info. that people pull out of their arses as opposed to the actual facts. It's obvious you have not kept up with Amiga happenings since C= went under because so many of your responses on such topics are full of glaring inaccuracies, which only end up confusing people rather than helping them.

Vesalia is probably as good as it gets price-wise for a new copy of OS 3.9. You can probably pick up a copy cheaper on Ebay. Alternatively, OS 3.5 is almost as good as 3.9 and can still be bought cheaply (around 10 UKP) from dealers or through Ebay. Happy bargain-hunting!
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