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I got mine from eDonkey... Sorry, but I agree with Akira, the prices they ask for outdated Amiga soft&hardware just don't justify it.... And also my Amiga has been switched on for about 3 hours in the last 6 months, so that didn't justify buying it either! Amiga as we know it is dead, final stop. All that is now about OS4 and those Amiga 'dialects' is absolutely of NO interest to me, Amiga died when C= died, all that came afterwards was a lame show of incompetence, amateurism & empty promises. Now only a few geeks keep the dead patient on the breathing machine, while they are totally alienated from todays IT world realities where OS X, XP and Linux rule. Look at those pictures of 'conferences' of 'new' Amiga stuff on Whohaha, a few overaged nerds in the backroom of a gym in a school in some local farmer town showing some dull desktops in amateuristic built PC mod'ed cases
Oh, another preview of the 'ultimate' OS...I guess not even the cows next to the school give a damn what happens there

Oh, and I had same reaction when I wanted to BUY 1,5 years ago DirectoryOPUS 5 (Magellan or whatever it is called)... first I couldn't find it anywhere (the official pages returned 404), then I did find it from some obscure UK retailer but for an outrageous price (40 quid or so), so finally a bud passed me a few floppies and case closed, I don't pay for dead software, and Dopus for PC is not needed either, Total Commander is good enough for me.

I spent in the late 80s & early 90s a fokkin fortune on Amiga hardware (and some software... a full blown A4000/040, then upgraded with the most advanced CPU & GFX & SFX boards + all SCSI CDR & HD back in those days, I think I spent over £5,000 on Amiga (for a teen & student that was a fortune!), now it's all prob worth about £300, I'm still thinking of putting my superAmiga one day on eBay or not)
See now how it helped C= & Amiga...those idiots! Last expense was the USB+RJ45 NIC Norway board... 250 euro for a USB1.1+10Mbit NIC (probably worth $2!!) and 55 euro for the Amiga Forever CD. That was probably my last euro invested in anything Amiga.
so Akira, you're not alone!

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