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Originally Posted by Akira
It's SHMUPS. Where do you get the C from???
SHoot'eM UPS!!!

If we take into account the good quality of them, PCEngine it isit is. But volume wise it's the Megadrive.

manicx needs to visit . Volume/Quality relation of PCE shooters worse than on Genesis? Give me a bloody break!
I'd also like to welcome Akira along as co-owner of the site, together we will be providing you with the very best shmup reviews ever, a definitive listing of shmups on all platforms, great links to other shmup sites and lastly - the forum. In there you can join in the shmups main chat for news, views and lots of varied and occasionally heated shmup discussions, post your hi-scores, and also trade shmups.
Sorry Akira but I prefer to use references than none of us two are involved. In any case, I have played and seen more shoot em ups in the PC Engine than in Megardrive. Bear in mind that the PC Engine was mainly a console with big success ib the Japanese market so if you visit any Japanese site with regard to PC Engine and the games, you'll be surprised by the amount of shooters for this console.
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