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Originally Posted by RetroMan
Oh and btw. .... It´s ok if you think you can get an illegal copy of OS3.9 ! It´s also ok if you do so (well, for me it´s not but who cares !) BUT : It´s not ok to post this on a public forum as a Mod (or even Super-Mod) ....
Being a mod or supermod does not forbid me of making my voice and opinion heard, the same way as you being a mod are not forbidden to tell me I suck and voice your opinion.
I'm not posting links to the software or whatever, so your attack was still uncalled for.

I still think purchasing it is of no help to real Amiga owners. Only way to purchase it would be used from an user, then again, this is of no benefit to the community at all, but at least it doesn't enlarge the pockets of those hurting it.

Since I really DO care about the amiga and its users, I advice everyone not to purchase this or anything related.
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