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Originally Posted by RetroMan
You are talking bullshit !!!!!!!!!! OS 3.9 is worth every single Dollar/Euro you pay for it .... just for this : you suck !
I really don't understand your personal attack, it was completely UNCALLED FOR, then again I got used to get shit from everyone in this hostile board.

I still do not think this is worth any penny, not because of the program itself, but for the reasons of where the money is going. It goes to the wrong people.

If you want to support those leechs, its YOUR money and problem. I won't support them and I will advise everyone, regarding this subject, to not support them either. It's my advice and opinion and I stand by it. I do not see where I said "OS3.9 is shit", even when I think it's not worth an upgrade.

Go fetch an OS4+A1, zealot boi!
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