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Much as I would like to support the A600 I very much doubt it. I had it in mind to do it all AGA.

I suppose I could do a bypass for the title graphics, but then I'm not being fair to AGA owners, who lets face it, havent really had a good deal yet.

The specs:

1). AGA titles
2). Most likely a single file, with music being the only seperate element.
3). I hope the first issue will at least be similar in content as the last issues of Grapevine.

4). Music for the first two issues will be Protracker, a poll will go into the first issue to gauge how powerfull peoples machines are, I like Musicline, but its very processor intensive if you are not carefull.

If people submit graphics in 32 colours and it doesn't affect the quality of the magazine, then I will cater for OCS/ECS, but to be honest I would feel better not. (the days of me trying to fit the Titanic in a bottle are over I think!)
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