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I'll try Plotting, if I have it
I don't have Jetstrike-CD32...
As of Syndicate, I didn't try to save, maybe it doesn't work...

good idea, with the fonts! I'll look if it'll work...

Shadow Warriors needs keyboard on title
ICFTD2 may work on an original CD32 but doesn't work on emulation...?
Did you try the SSF2-AGA version on a real CD32 or on an emu?
Many (if not all) whdload-aga games do not run on emulation, but some do
on a real cd32... (I think the emulator doesn't care about the, which
(if I'm not wrong) activates the AGA-chipset...

ATM, there is StreetFighter1, SSF2-ECS and SSF2-Turbo no the 888-iso...
Currently no luck with SF2-jst...
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