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The Amiga's Best Genre? It didn't have one... The Amiga should be remembered for it's redefining of Genres. Whilst the 8 bit machines had some truly classic, original concepts, it was the coming of 16 bit hardware which really allowed programmers to be truly creative. Simply put, for it's time, the Amiga had the best examples of every genre programmed for it... It was a games machine par excellance. Cinemaware sat next to the Bitmap Bros sat next to Sensible Software sat next to... gosh, there was just so much that was incredible about the machine, that it's impossible to accurately sum it up in one single way. What ever you liked, you could find it executed in both a fresh and impressive way somewhere on the Amiga... perhaps that's partly due to the widespread piracy, which allowed everyone to have enormous software collections, where as today the minor, or too original for the mass market gems would be harder to find... but still, there was something impressive about the depth of the Amiga range of titles, which I've not seen on any system since. Or perhaps I'm just being hopelessly nostalgic!
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