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Stop using FDI. My best advice. If you have the slightest ammount of apreciation for your Amiga disks, you would stop using it. Otherwise you'll keep fucking them up with that program (or a faulty disk drive, who knows why you are screwing up so many disks)
There isn't any technical reason how disk2FDI could damage your disks. Just keep the disks write-protected and don't use crappy floppy drives

made an FDI of my Apache/Overdrive disk today but I'm not sure if it's a good one
Probable cause is missing index sync support in disk2FDI. Author promised to fix this in next release.

I also hope that someone finds a way to access floppy drive directly from Windows (probably needs a device driver?) because then it would be quite easy to "map" DF0: to PC's floppy drive. (read only, of course)
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