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Originally Posted by Akira
Then you haven't used it as much as I. Shmup saturation is one of the things that pushed the Megadrive into death. There were as many shmups as you had platformers in the Amiga. There weren't that many arcade conversions done either, dunno where you take tihs from. And since when "coin op conversions" is a genre?
Got to love your assumptions Akira. I did have a megadrive when very few people had access to one (you were probably a bit young when it was released to remember the majority of its games). And when I say " Megardive was the favourite console for coin op conversions. It had everything, platforms, beat em ups, shoot em ups etc." you end up with a comment like "And since when "coin op conversions" is a genre?". The strenght of Megadrive was Sega. Sega had knowledge of developing coin op games, and they saw Megadrive as the perfect console to bring coin ops to the houses. They made endless conversions from their arcade machines. The ideal console back then for Shoot em ups was the PC Engine where 1/2 games was a shoot em up. Megadrive was the ideal all-around console.

And the fact that it was not really good at 3D does not mean it should fail.
This is not a fact. This is an assumption. Sega didn't provide the libraries that developers wanted. They gave them hardware manuals. To develop properly for Saturn and take it to the extreme, you had to know the hardware. As a result, 1 out of the 2 CPUs was not used. Developers wanted to program in C, fairly easy and quickly. This is why the Playstation ruled. Had one CPU that had the power of the 2 CPUs in Saturn. Programming for 2 CPUs in mid-90s was only for romantic developers.
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