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I happen to like Zool. In my opinion, it stands out easily and while it may have been marketed as one, I for one don't even remotely see any resemblence between Zool and Sonic. I think it's one of a kind, and a very playable and fun game.

Oh, and that's 9 FANTASTIC platformers on THREE different consoles. How can you even compare? And other than that, are you saying that there are no other platformers out there worth playing, other than Mario and Sonic? Because, I find that highly unlikely.

I can think of plenty of FANTASTIC platformers for the Amiga (IMO); Zool (what the hell is so wrong about this game?), Trolls AGA, Giana Sisters (sure, a Mario clone, but very good nevertheless), Superfrog, James Pond II and III, Ruff'n'Tumble, Soccer Kid, Magic Pockets, Alladin, Prince of Persia, Putty, Global Gladiators, Rick Dangerous I and II, Fire and Ice, Brian the Lion, Parasol Stars, Rainbow Islands.

Sure, there were people buying the Nintendo just for Mario. However, if the amiga was a console, and marketed as a console, I'm sure they'd run out and buy the Amiga 500 just to play James Pond II and Zool too. But it wasn't marketed as a console, and it wasn't meant for children with an interest for games, but for the same people that bought a PC. Not only was it marketed for a different market than the Mario and Sonic buyers, but it was also marketed badly... we know how Commodore messed up. So, the only reason people bought an amiga was because of it's incredibly powerful multimedia functions years before the PC, and because of technical abilities compared to anything else at that time.

Seriously, if the amiga have such bad games, why the hell are we sitting here for?
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