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What I find amusing is that when people talk about platformers they tend to say "but it's no Mario" or "but it's on Sonic".

I say to them "well... then I challenge you to find anything that's as good as Mario or Sonic on their respective consoles, 'cause there aren't any there either." The only reason you didn't find these games on the Amiga is because of copyright issues. In other words, if you like platformers, be sure to only ever play Super Mario or Sonic, 'cause there are no reason to play anything else since they automatically rule out all other platformers just by existing.

And for the record, that was sarcasm.

The best genre? Well, I think the amiga excelled in just about every genre;

Sports: SWOS, Kick Off, Speedball 2, Great Courts 2
Managers: SWOS (twice, eh), Player Manager, Premier Manager, Championship Manager
Racing: Lotus, Super Cars, Stunt Car Racer, F1GP, Overdrive, Turbo Trax, ATR
Platformers: James Pond II, Jim Power, Parasol Stars, James Pond III, Giana Sisters
Action: Hired Guns, Chaos Engine, Dogs of War, Warzone, Midnight Resistance, Cannon Fodder, Syndicate, Ruff'n'Tumble, Assassin
SHMUP: R-Type I-II, Project-X, Apidya
RPG: Eye of the Beholder, Black Crypt, Elvira(?), Ambermoon
Action/Adventures: Shadow of the Beast, Lionheart, Another World, Flashback, Pirates!
Strategy: Dune II, Civilization, Colonization, Railroad Tycoon, The Settlers
Adventures: Monkey Island, Leisure Suit Larry, Indiana Jones, Beneath a Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress, Cruise for a Corpse, Operation Stealth... most LucasArts and Sierra titles.
Multiplayer: Dynablaster, Moonstone
Puzzle: Lemmings, Push Over, One Step Beyond
Pinball: Dreams, Fantasies, Illusions, Slamtilt, Obsession, Brain Damage

Sure, there are a lot of cross-platform titles, but does that matter? I think a computer/console should be praised for what it has, not what the other platforms doesn't have.
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