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While the gameplay in Speedball 2100 stayed the same (honestly can't remember, I'll give it another go), the messy graphics ruined the playability. Speedball 2 had "better" graphics, imho.
Exactly right. Also the fact that it is, by today's standards, an incredibly limited game! I remember reading an interview with Eric Matthews and he was talking about all the things they wanted to put into the Amiga version, but couldn't (pitch invasions, and other cool stuff) and what we got with '2100' was the EXACT same game!

The version I tested while I worked at Sony didn't even have a multiplayer league option! That's something that could add longevity to the game AND is incredibly easy to program. It was shocking the lack of imagination that went into Speedball 2100, they could have really done something special.

Even the new screenshots look like nothing special. They need to take the idea and expand it further.

Anyways, whatever happened to Eric Matthews? I always felt (rightly or wrongly) that he was the brainchild behind a lot of the really cool stuff the Bitmaps did.

Also: Why on earth don't Sensible release Sex N' Drugs N' Rock N' Roll through their website?! They could sell it very easily these days, without fear of publisher meddling.
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