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Haven't been in the internet for the last few days, sorry!
1st of all! THX to Rochabian & TheBoss I finally got SuperStreetFighter2
It works under e-uae-0.8.27 but doesn't work on WinUAEX...
(There are several other games, which do the same, but I'm sure it'll work on a real cd32...; Wendetta f.e. works on e-uae, on a real cd32, but not on
WinUAEX...) I'm sure this incompatibility has to do with this ugly
WIN in the name...
THX for the Gloom-HD edition
I'll compare it with the one I've already on the 888-snap , maybe it's
a different...
Does anybody know, if there's a difference between GloomDeluxe
and the CD32-Gloom? (both do work on the snap, but look exactly the same?)

FIFA INTERNATIONAL SOCCER : maybe already included?
CITADEL : did it work with joystick?, I'll check that...
THX for suggestions!
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