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Pinball Dreams: Nightmare

Ok you all remember Pinball Dreams - it's been one of my fave games back in the days and I spent countless hours on it and its sequel - I even bought the boxed set on PC but the other additional tables (tarantula over all) sucked big time.

I remember one thing: I've never managed to 'complete' Nightmare. It seems like the table locks up at a certain point. To test it widely, I bought it three different cracked versions at the time, and Nightmare always locked up. That is, the bonuses froze and the ball didn't score anymore. You just kept playing and nothing happened, only the side bouncers worked.
I tried it on WinUAE too, and dowloaded it, but it locked as well after a while. On the Amiga I could get only as far as the 11th hour, then it froze and au revoir.

Is that a programming bug straight from the software house? Has it ever worked?
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