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Thanks very much for the Zone freebies guys , although I must remind you that the version of Deluxe Pacman that used to be on Aminet was the full registered edition (available in both ECS and AGA archives) which Vigdal had unleashed to the public domain and made freeware. Likewise I believe the Aminet version of Pucman was also the full version (without the blinking Level 4 restriction).

Originally Posted by ant512
I'd guess that they got an email from the EDSA (or whatever they're called), insisting that the Aminet had made copies of commercial games from one of their member companies available on-line. These emails are sent out by web crawler programs that look for filenames that match, or are similar to, games that the companies own the copyright on.

It's usually easier to delete the files than complain to the EDSA (or whoever they are; I forget), as they're quick to send out threatening letters but very slow to appreciate that they are, in fact, entirely wrong.
I believe that was what caused the great Commodore Internet Archive to shut down yonks ago after many years of service.... ESA bastards. I did e-mail the webmaster shortly after the closing of the site that he was being deceived and that he knows he didn't have any of the software the bot claimed to find, but he never responded....
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