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Originally Posted by Rochabian
This cd works well and games are well emulated but it's definitely too slow to be playable on a CD32

Is there a faster emulator????
The AmiXXX series are the fastest emulators for those systems available for the Amiga. Yes, I've tried them on 020 and 030 machines. No, they're too slow to be useful on 020-based machines. Yes, fast RAM will double their performance, but they'll still be slow. To get full speed out of them, you need at least a 030/40MHz CPU with fast RAM.

When I said that ZXAM was the only really useful 020 emulator I really wasn't joking. I used to run an Amiga emulation site, and posted reviews of pretty much every emulator written for the Amiga. Shut it down in the end, though, partly due to lack of traffic, but mostly because the emulation scene died.
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