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Frostwork, yeah I reckon that must be the same installer I found, let's hope it works on CD32.

It's great that Super Street Fighter II ECS is going to work, but if someone can get SSFII AGA working, I'll pay them, I mean it. It'll really top off my Street Fighter Collection CD for CD32 (I'm designing a SF themed AGS menu for it and a printable CD cover, just need to get all the games on one CD now).

The AGA version is so much better, first of all the graphics look nicer, it has music AND sound effects, it allows you to use the full CD32 pad, not just a 2-button pad like the ECS version, and you can switch the screen to NTSC, so that it doesn't look so small (looks like it's in widescreen otherwise).

And just another suggestion, I'm not sure if anyone else has asked about it yet, but what about The Lion King ? Sure it was missing a few levels, but it was still a good game. Shame Aladdin won't work. And yeah, Hybris is great too.
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