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CD32, Creating CD an keyboard problems

Some people like me have problems to convert Amiga Games to CD32 because some Games needs a keyboard key to start or to play ( ex: SF2 need 1 or to be pressed and Flashback needs the Space Bar")

I know that CD32 is capable of emulating a mouse with a joypad (i think the program doing that is "joymouse")

So is there a program which can emulate a keyboard key with the joypad.
For example assign "space bar" to "yellow button"????

I've seen i don't remember where that Ninjaw has done it for a game

If this program exist, EVERY game should be converted to CD32

With joymouse and this program (if it exists), no barrier to convert

Has someone heard of this kind of program????

I'll try to contact Ninjaw to help us

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