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Originally Posted by CU_AMiGA
Rubbish! I have a 256 colour screen running pretty smooth on my A1200/060/AGA. Infact, Sim City 2000 is supposed to run faster in Mac emu than Amiga version! Again, to achieve good Mac speeds, it comes down to configuring it.
Hmm. I was about to rubbish this post, but I thought I should really test it first. Turns out that (under Fusion, with MacOS 8.1), I get roughly 3/4 the speed with an AGA display (hires laced, 256 colours) that I get with my graphics card (16-bit, 800x600, CV64/3D in a Zorro II slot). Not too bad. It's certainly not smooth (with a graphics card, you'd never guess that the computer was anything other than a Mac, except it runs a little faster), but it's definitely worth trying if you've got the OS and can hunt down a ROM.

On another note: If possible, give the Mac a dedicated partition - it's much, much faster than using a hard drive file. Never try to use a Fusion partition with Shapeshifter (or vice versa), though, as it will screw up the entire drive - the two use the partitions differently.
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