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There was another thing: the party pack another $100 scammed from "true believers" by AI.
As for the mos front those few mos devs who ruined it were actually not paid for their work and they said to sod the whole lot. I agree with them, sorry, people shouldn't expect anyone working for free when it is contract work, not voluntarily. Ironically enough previously Genesi helped ex-amiga employees suing AInc for exactly the same thing, "forgetting" about payment, social security and other unnecessities of life.

For the record I am not partial with either os4 or mos.
For me tt is truly sad the only way amiga makes into the news is various scams the various companies drag the once shiny name into, only to make it change hands every few years for yet another deluded pipe dream.

Enough of this shit (on all involved sides!), we'd better stay with our real classic amigas, uae, caps, whdl and enjoy what we have, possibly being the only ones who can still enjoy the amiga scene.
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