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Someone here doesn't know?-)

The whole affair was about a "$50 off OS4 coupon" with t-shirt..

Then they changed it to an Amiga Club, because they found that the original scheme was illegal in some place. We got a few club newsletters with the usual enthusiastic future visions, then those stopped coming.

Basically the Amiga Inc that existed then stole our money, we never got anything concrete back from them. I understand the shirts that we now got came from KMOS, the current owner of Amiga Inc and the OS4 rights..

Oh, and naturally there is no guarantee that the $50 coupons will ever be rebated by anyone. Live and learn, I really honestly thought that the new Amiga Inc was up to some good and gave them my money.

The whole story is too long to recap here, but I'm sure there's plenty be read on the internet's many Amiga related forums.

Actually I'm intrigued that there are still people in Amigaland that are untouched by this Amiga Inc/OS4 coupon farce and the later Amiga Inc vs. Genesi supporter group fight, that has been going on for the last few years on moobunny and

Come to think of it, it took me quite a few tries before I understood not to put any more money into any future "Amiga replacement":
- supported AInc with $50 -> was basically ripped off - 3 years and now another company fulfills the t-shirt promise :-D
- bought Amithlon for a hefty sum -> whoops, the whole project died pretty soon afterwards -> me with an unsupported (and perhaps illegal) product in my shelf
- bought a Pegasos with april 2 (400e, was it?) -> had it for a couple of years, MOS development stagnated and I sold it off when I got tired of waiting.. Now in the end of last year, a few MOS devs basically ruined any chance of MOS ever seeing version 1.5, Pegasos is in effect a Linux platform now.

Nowadays I only buy stuff for the Classic Amiga, other believers can continue fueling the dream factories. :-)
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