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Originally Posted by MethodGit
I'm pretty sure that my original AP52 coverdisks were different in content to what is portrayed in the ADFs available at Amiga Coverdisks. If I recall correctly, disk 1 contained DMSes of the two Tennis Champs floppies, while disk 2 had (direct access) Air Taxi and the Gloom demo.


Am I right that disk contents were later shuffled for some inexplicable reason, or did I dream my past experience up in a hilarious manner?
You are correct in that the first paragraph describes the discs as they were detailed on the cover of AP52, Disc 1 saying "Tennis Champs", Disc 2 saying "Gloom" & "Air Taxi". However, inside that issue of AP, there is a small box (Titled "Lucifer's Instrument"), which reads as follows;

Oh yes, and you'll probably have discovered by now that what the individual disk says on the label doesn't actually correspond with what's on it, although everything we claim is on both disks is on them. If you see what we mean. This is again due to the phenomenal amount of stuff we've compressed on there - we had to do a bit of last minute juggling to make it work. Anyway, we'd.... ("Snip. And that's enough Attitude from you AP, I think" - 10 Years On Ed)
I have the originals still today, but I can't recall exactly how they broke down; I know Tennis Champs decompresses to two seperate discs, but I didn't have an A1200, so I don't know how it handled Air Taxi or Gloom, sorry.
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