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Originally Posted by Drake1009
Lomax was (at least according to the help file for the windows version) developed by Psygnosis.

And once you get far enough into it to get the traditional lemmings abilities it's a quite nice game.
Agreed Drake. Though I no longer have it, was quite a nice little platformer, although jumping along the springy flower things drove me quite mad as I recall! I did recall it was by psygnosis, just can't recall if the manual had mentioned the coders at all,(to compare to WIP from The One about Flink).

I also have a recallection of hiring out once a PSX pinball game which I think was credited to digital illusions,though it may well be the the one you've mentioned shatterhand. (As in published under Team 17,but by D.I.).

Also seem to recall the old Steve Turner Graftgold site mentioning Graftgold's being responsible for Bubble Bobble on PSX too.
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