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Now I come to think of it, there aren't that many cute games on Amiga. I think the Japanese are really specialised in it.

Here is my list of favourite cute games on Amiga:
1. Flood: This game is cute in a raving-mad sense of way: A hero named Quiffy who kills enemies with extremely large guns and napalm bombs, teddy bears with jaws in their bellies and a cute-looking ghost-aunt whose only mission is to drain Quiffy's energy. -one of my favourite Amiga games;
2. Bubble bobble-Trilogy: Each game in this trilogy ( Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars) is so sickingly sweet, I really need to see a dentist. They are all classics.
3. Tearaway Thomas: This fast Sonic-wannabee has all the ingredients for a cute game: Irritating jolly music, cute enemies and no blood'n'gore. One of the speediest games on Amiga;
4. Robocod: Why has nobody mentioned this game? If I think of 'cute' I think of this game: It has really irritating childish music and enemies you really want to 'hug'. Even the hero makes the noise of a teddybear when hit.
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