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RTG is sooooo niceeee!

I am so happy, I have to brag
I recently bought for 50euro a 2MB PicassoII card which uses the CL5428 chip (I had the same onboard chip on my Zenith Z-Station 486/66 maschine... ) Although (as always) installation was a bitch, IT WORTH ALL THE TROUBLE! really! I currently run it at 800X600@16bit and os3.9 is wonderfull... I even have a wallpaper now!
I heared in places that zorroII when it comes to rtg is not faster than AGA, but this is not true! it really makes A LOT of difference, the menus and all move much faster, not to mention the 16bpp (or 24/32bpp). It makes life on the amiga a lot easier... The only drawback is that still you cannot drag windows outside the screen... And that internal switcher that picassoII has is so great! it reminds me of the voodoo2 card I used to have
The only thing I have to resolve now, is how to correctly use BlizKick to load the os3.9 romupdates (since setpatch causes the picassoII autoconfig data to dissapear).

The bottom line is:
If you have a busboard and no rtg, shame on you! Go get one from ebay or amibench! You will not regret it... Even if you use your amiga for games (like I do mostly) you will really like the ease that rtg offers! Go get one!
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