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Two different versions of AP52 coverdisks?

I'm pretty sure that my original AP52 coverdisks were different in content to what is portrayed in the ADFs available at Amiga Coverdisks. If I recall correctly, disk 1 contained DMSes of the two Tennis Champs floppies, while disk 2 had (direct access) Air Taxi and the Gloom demo.

However, Mr Dig appeared to get his disks from a different source or whatever, as on his ADFs, disk 1 is practically Tennis Champs Disk 1, and disk 2 has a DMS of Air Taxi, a DMS of Tennis Champs D2, and the most shocking discovery - the lack of any Gloom demo!

Am I right that disk contents were later shuffled for some inexplicable reason, or did I dream my past experience up in a hilarious manner?
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