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I wrote a game back in mid-late-90's-ish that was an update of the 8-bit "classic" Psycho Pigs UXB with fruit & veg instead of pigs. Seriously.


- 5 worlds of super frenetic gameplay with non-linear level choice
- optional simultaneous 2 player cooperative play
- multiple enemies, special enemies, weapons, powerups, bonuses...
- 4 end of world super guardians and final boss
- 4 (maybe 5?) bonus subgames
- more or less OS friendly, runs on a draggable Intuition screen
- 50,000+ lines of 100% Pure British 68k
- absolutely no instructions
- not half as good as this blurb makes it sound

It was quite nearly finished and a German company who's name escapes me contacted me about publishing it, but nothing ever happened and its been languishing on my hard drive since Dec 10th 1997 (last build date, why do I remember that?!) I honestly don't think its commercial quality but what do I know? I'll see if I can dump a working (still buggy) version into the Zone. I was planning on doing that anyway then this thread came along
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