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You want a platform game? You're in luck - I'm developing one, it's nearly finished... don't know how I'm going to release it yet though, but I'll upload a demo when I can put one together. I won't tell you anything else about it for now... you'll have to wait! I've also got plans for other games, so I'm going to be busy. I've also got a game on Aminet called Blobz (game/misc/Blobz1.3.lha), which is my first ever game. It's not great, or very well programmed, and you need an '030 and 2MB of RAM to play it properly, which is entirely due to awful programming. (My new game should only need a 1MB A500 though.)

As for anyone else developing games..... dunno. We're especially lacking in games that need a low-spec machine to run, and that use the Amiga's hardware to its limits in old machines, rather than needing gfx cards and OS4. The gaming scene seems all but dead . Unless anyone knows different...
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