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PSX game made by Amiga developers

I know that's not all that much interesting, but it really surprised me, so...

Last week I received a completley unheard PSX game from a friend, called Gekido.

The game is a 3D progressive beat'em up, like Fighting Force, but it's the 1st game to do this genre in 3D properly. It has lots of moves, and non-stop action. It also has a vs mode that can be played up to 4 players at once, and while it's not amazing, it's fun for a while. The whole game is pretty good in general, not everything outstanding, but a good take to try to bring the genre on 3D

The game was released in 2000 And what surprised me is that it was published by Gremlin Graphics and developed by NAPS Team. NAPS team developed Shadow Fighter on Amiga (Also published by Gremlin Graphics)!

It was a surprise for me... so many years after Shadow Fighter (The best fighting game that I could play on my A600), find out that they have made another game.

I wonder now if they had made anything else between Shadow Fighter and Gekido ...
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