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@Shoonay - Yep Dungeon Master many hours of fun. Remembering hacking away at the Rock Monsters for ages...then later realising a better solution was to cast the poison bolt at them. Those Scorpions looked great. I hated the Serpents, they were fast. Soooo....Shoonay...When is Rock not Rock? Even I remember some of the puzzles. or....I arch yet I have no back? Best RPG.

Captive - My Second favourite.
Eye of the Beholder 1 - third Favourite.


Might & Magic 2 - Many Many Hours....
Might & Magic 3 - Looked Great, requiring 2MB ram to run PROPERLY.
Crystal Dragon - One of the last RPG games to come out.
Black Crypt - Liked the intro music, good game.
Wizardry VI - The kinky Queen :-)
Eye of the Beholder II - Pretty good.
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