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Worms (CD32) Needs 4Mb
How can a CD32 game originally designed for a 2Mb machine need 4Mb?

Apparently because of some weird reasons worms doesn' t like too many files on the CD. It might be the cache in the CD32 that parse all the file so the more files on the cd the less memory present.
Hmm can you not just use addbuffers -999 cd0: or something?

The same problem was found with the stardust, alien breed 3D, F17, arcade pool so thats why he used 2Mb whdload versions for them.
Interesting... I wonder if all games use ( successfully ) the WHDLoad preload tooltype? I've been playing with WHDLoad for the A600 / CDTV for a bit and removing buffers and using the add21k programs can really help get enough RAM for the preload to work.
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