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That looks awesome mate. I remember when I got my first graphics card for my A1200 many years ago and finally fired-up WB in 1024 x 768, it blew me away after years of 640 x 512 AGA, faster too! Still gotta love AGA though ain`t ya, Scala on AGA is still my best app for presentations and stuff.
It was almost as cool as when I bought my first ever Scan Doubler / Flicker fixer a while earlier (I had the first one in the country!), and was finally able to use a 'proper' monitor at last I could run Lightwave 640 x 512 with no interlace flicker, yipee! Using Lightwave flickering away on a Philips 8833 monitor is not for those who suffer from headaches, that's for sure.
Nice WB mate, top stuff.

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