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E-UAE-0.8.27 released

Richard Drummond has finished a new version of his enhanced UAE. Supported platforms are currently Linux x86, Linux PPC, MacOSX, AmigaOS4, AmigaOS 68k, MorphOS, AROS and BeOS.

What's new since 0.8.25

* Core emulation updated to WinUAE 0.8.27 with bug fixes incorporated from
later WinUAE versions.
* Improved compatibility with Amiga software.
* Lots of clean up to the code. Builds more cleanly and quickly and requires
much less memory to do so.
* Bug fixes and speed improvements to the P96 emulation, including fully working
32-bit modes on big-endian machines.
* Speed improvements and bug fixes when using LibSDL for graphics,
* Better networking support, plus a new bsdsocket emulation from Jeff
Shepherd based on the WinUAE code. (This doesn't work everywhere yet, so
the old bsdsocket emulation is still there.)
* Fixed date-stamp discrepancies between host and the emulation when using
virtual filesystems on (most) Unix-like hosts (it now takes account of local
* Support for SFS-formatted hard files with newer versions of SFS.
* Support for Action Replay cartridge ROMs now enabled.

Unix platforms
* Many improvements to Gtk+ configuration GUI.
* ALSA sound driver (for Linux). This is based on Heikki Orsila's driver
from UADE.

* A Cocoa dialog for inserting floppy images has been implemented (thanks to
Steven J. Saunders).
* SCSI emulation now fully works on OS X.
* Raw key-mapping supported on OS X when using SDL graphics.
* Building against pthreads supported on OS X (and other platforms with
named semaphores).

* Partial merge of Axel Doerfler's BeUAE (the BeOS native graphics driver is
is now mostly working and native BeOS threads are supported).

AmigaOS (and clones)

* Sound is now supported in AmigaOS versions (either native Paula or AHI
* Many bug fixes and improvements to the AmigaOS gfx driver
- Requesters now appear on E-UAE screen.
- Intelligent hiding of host mouse pointer.
* ARexx port supported in AmigaOS versions (and hence the MUIRexx GUI).
* CAPS disk images supported on AmigaOS versions.
* Support for MorphOS and AROS now officially included.

And lots more. See the Changelog for the gory details.
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