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Originally Posted by squirminator2k
Fair enough, but just so you know:

The Sega Master system was a phenomenal flop worldwide apart from in the UK where it was the second most popular console system of its time, next to the NES. The Master System II was eventually released and, although fairly popular, still didn't outsell the NES (which, at the time, was being manufactured by both Nintendo and Mattel).

The Sega MegaDrive (Genesis in the States) was the clear winner of the 16Bit Wars, knocking the SNES over with its superior hardware (except for the sound though, which was basic MIDI in most places). The MegaDrive II rocked the world's socks, but Sega lost it with the MegaCD, an add-on which flopped, and the SNES crept back into first.
You liken the NES to some huge selling monster in the UK.... alas it wasn't. It sold ok, but the UK was different to the rest of the world in that they further embraced the 8bit computers such as Spectrum, C64 and to a lesser degree, the Amstrad cpc464. Yes the NES sold slightly more than the Master System, but in comparison to the 8bit computers, the NES wasn't even remotely close. By the time consoles became popular again in the UK, it certainly wasn't the NES or Master System that was being bought, it was the turn of the Megadrive and SNES.

As for the Megadrive having superior hardware? Err, no it didn't! The sound chip on the SNES was superior to the FM junk on the Megadrive by quite a large margin, the SNES outgunned the Megadrives paltry 512 colours of which only 64 could be displayed, and had superior graphics modes. The one area that the SNES did lack was a decent enough processor to shift polygon graphics around, but seeing as there wasn't exactly a deluge of polygon games on the Megadrive, the addition of the Super FX chip made the Megadrive look rather mundane in comparison.

Dont get me wrong, the Megadrive was a good machine, but clearly, it wasn't ever superior in the hardware department over the SNES, and for you to repeat this claim is ludicrous.

Megadrive II didn't 'rock the worlds socks' either. Simply a redesigned system so that it was cheaper for Sega to manufacture. Segas market share didn't grow significantly because of the redesign.

As for the Mega-CD being a flop... yes, you are correct, but the SNES then didn't regain a foothold, because less than a year later Playstation arrived which pretty much killed off Megadrive/SNES/Saturn/Amiga/Neo Geo/Jaguar/CD32 all in one hit.

You have a rather odd slant on how things actually were.
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