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Star Trek Themes purpose in life is to play to huge samples from Star Trek the original series and Star Trek the Next Generation. This was coded when 1mb was the norm and since each sample over 1 minute it obviously could not be played on an unexpanded Amiga, the solution at that time was to play them straight from a floppy disk but the program will load them both into memory if 2mb or more is found. the program gives options oversampling, filtering, showing a starfield like in a warp sequence, and lastly displaying scenes from Star Trek. Samples can also be repeated one after each other or in any combination!

Ghost, Highlander, The Lawnmower Man, follow a similiar route but have no user interface, they are hand coded by me with fading titles, screen wipes, samples, etc. They are bit more than slide shows generated by various utilities!

Saturn Flyby is an animation created with Vidi-Amiga and sequenced with Deluxe Paint IV. There is also digistised introduction from Isaac Asmiov (probably spelt that wrong). The animation loops and has background music!
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