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Wyld Stallions demos I wrote available here!

In my spare time in the early 90's I wrote a few demos under the name Wyld Stallions that are now very scarce across the internet, I cannot even find a couple listed anywhere. They are not the best in the world, even if I did think so at time. The demos are:

Being Boiled
King Creole
Saturn Flyby
Star Trek Themes
Star Trek Themes II
The Lawnmower Man

The first version of Star Trek Themes is on the Ami Sector One website and Saturn Flyby is listed in the TOSEC lists. Other than these two the rest seem to be lost. However, for anyone interested I have made ADF images of all these demos? I have added a few screenshots from Star Trek Themes II and The Lawnmower Man for anyone interested:
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Name:	StarTrekThemes_1.png
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Name:	StarTrekThemes_2.png
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Name:	StarTrekThemes_3.png
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Name:	LawnmowerMan_1.png
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Name:	LawnmowerMan_4.png
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