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Originally Posted by alexh
No you dont understand the problem.
Originally Posted by alexh
or you have the filter switched on by mistake...
I'm sorry. My mistake - I have flicker filter enabled, overlooked that! However, the "fuzzy screen" is still not a problem for me (I can't notice the difference between no filter and it's highest value), because I'm also working on resized/scaled screens with trilinear filter enabled ;O
About missing features... CAPS, Picasso96 support (well, I'm not interested in it at all ;), I also think that the GUI should be simplified (it's not bad, but configuring joysticks is annoying).
But my biggest wish is... better web integration. I mean savestates/gameplay recordings/screenshots/configuration sharing, frontend to Netplay, chatting rooms etc. :) Furthermore, XPort has probably started to develop WinUAEX in this way (sending configuration settings to website via Xbox).
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