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Sound sampling software issues

Hi guys,
Wondered if anyone could solve my Sound Sampler problems.
When my A1200 was equipped with an Apollo 1240/40Mhz, I used to use an old 'Stereomaster' parallel port sampler with the assocaited software and all was well, but since I upgraded to a Blizzard 1260/50Mhz, things have gone ugly.
The Stereomaster no longer works since the Blizzard 1260 was installed, so I used it as an excuse to upgrade to a better sampler/software combination and brought a 'Technosound Turbo 2' package second hand, but I have had little success.
Although the software runs fine from floppy, it will not run at all once it's installed to hard disk, if you run it from HD the machine stops dead, flashing power light, then re-boots.

Does anyone know how to get 'Technosound Turbo 2' installed to hard disk so it works Ok with a 68060?

Alternatively, does anyone know how to make Stereomaster software/hardware work with a Blizzard 1260 ?

Any help gratefully received.

FYI, machine specs are:

A1200 in Power Tower
Blizzard1260/50 accelerator, 32Mb RAM
Ateo Bus Board
Pixel 64 Graphics card (works like Picasso)
Scan doubler/Flicker fixer for AGA output (switched between Gfx Card and AGA via a Eyetech MON switch)
21 inch Taxan monitor
Second Floppy drive (DF1)
100Mb Zip drive
52x CD-Rom drive

Thank in advance guys,


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