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almost every game you say in the thread has got hours from me, and to me too, EoB saga was a great action rpg (well almost shot 'em up...); also Frontier could be considered as such. but in the end, the rpg that i kinda was honest to, by playin' them for the sake of the quests were the ones of the Gold Box serie, particulary both the Savage Frontiers games.
Also the Krynn ones were good, but the last one.
Ishar would be my fav ever probably, if it wasn't for its crappy gameplay.

On PC i've enjoyed some mods of Neverwinter Nights wich saved the gameplay from the repetitive routines of the original game, for instance the port of Eye of the Beholder and the rendition of Lone Wolf.
Morrowind was cool but flawed by a lack of realism and (to me) a too plain and boring game' rule set. it lacked of mistery, you know...
The Temple of Elemental Evil was good, just awfully programmed, but the ambientation was really great.
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