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Thumbs up [Dungeon Master] & [Black Crypt]

Ahhh, RPG's = the ultimate gaming experience...

I remember playing [Dungeon Master] "back in the days"...

It was summer vacation and while doing absolutely nothing, one could play on Amy, listen to music and all that while watching TV...not to mention breathing the nose-stinging scent of manure aka shit (from the game plainly - it has nothing to do with the fact that i live in a small village )

Even whith all this crap going all around, one could actually "feel the climate" hiding at every corner of the dungeon. Playing with the spells, watching the food meters, knocking out those dumm dummies... i mean mummies with the open/close door trick, hunting green-tree-creatures for green-slime-food, and writing/painting those (annoying yet incredibly helpful) level maps... sometimes stopping for hours/days/weeks on one single puzzle/item that looks impossible to figure/find out... and then RULEING with the almighty "Staff of Fire" aka "Fire Staff" ... and FINALLY, actually finishing the game!!!

...and the next year...

It's [Black Crypt] time!
Here we go again: Playing with better looking (but less 3D), easier casted yet IMHO less in quality/quantity/effective spells, watching again food/water meters, getting used to a bit different characters build-up scheme, and some "temporary indestructible" creatures (for about a month i was trying to beat that damn first level Ogre who got the key to the next level ). Automapping saves hours and hundreds of pencils and the nicely felt map scrolling... feels... nice . Watching while getting through the eye-candy water levels and the horrible red-levels... again those puzzles/key items, yet seemingly easier to solve/find... but not so fool-proof this time, and one could easly use them almost anywhere (example: water-breathing or invincibility potions), walking the game to a death-end. More boss-like-creatures holding some key-items, impossible to beat without other key-items, which (those key-items held by bosses) are necessary to advance further in game ... and (yeah, you've guessed it ...) FINALLY, finishing the game!!! (yet the final boss seems tougher )
Awesome games those where, awesome games those are!
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